about us

We are a small business that gets excited about unique ideas, and passionate about bringing our handmade products to you.

I first came across a Perchero in Mexico whilst living there for 2 years, having lived in the popular tourist resort of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo. I lived there with my Mexican husband and travelled around many states in Mexico and kept coming across the Perchero, whether it be a small cafe or expensive restaurant - the Perchero is there.

On returning to live in the UK I missed the Perchero, it was nowhere to be found. So I contacted a local firm, and armed with a drawing and a photo asked if they could make me one - they did - and it was then I began to realise that this item had so many uses.

First I put one into my bedroom - that's now where I hang my clothes in the evening, and I no longer have my handbags out of sight in a cupboard. The children's bedrooms are no longer a trip hazard - clothes, schoolbags soft toys all on the Perchero. It's also great for when I have cut my herbs in the garden and can hang them on there to dry.

Now we are offering for sale our range of Percheros in a range of colourful finishes.