the perchero

The Perchero

The Perchero is a secure storage unit, for your items which need to be kept readily available and visible to you.

Manufactured in sturdy wrought iron, in a local, long established factory, by traditional methods, this gadget has very many uses, in the home or work place.

Historically, the Perchero started life as a stand for handbags. It is placed by the table in busy restaurants, where the handbags need to be visible, safe and easily available.

In any context where items need to be obvious and secure without rummaging through drawers, the Perchero is your answer.

Also, the Perchero with its simple structure and elegant finish, enhances the decor of its context.

Now we are offering for sale our range of Percheros in colourful hard wearing finishes - Also available in Black!